The HIGH END 2017 is presenting itself under a new theme. “LET THE MUSIC PLAY”: music as “life’s elixir”

It distills the core message of the exhibition: “Let the music play”. The main thrust and objective of the exhibition for over 35 years is of course the presentation of the best possible music reproduction by means of technical devices. And the new exhibition theme is also intended to visually reinforce this message.

The key element of the exhibition has always been the idea of addressing people and conveying a positive, emotional experience with high-quality music reproduction.

Everyone knows that music is also “soothing to the soul”, and to that extent, it is also used for teaching, medicinal and therapeutic purposes. Melodies and sounds mobilize the mind and produce endorphins. Consequently, more music is listened to today than ever before.

Music, as has been demonstrated, affects all levels of the brain, has direct access to human emotions and is deeply rooted in human history. It is a condition you cannot describe with words, a condition you can only feel. That’s music!

The various technologies for the production and use of “consumer electronics” are secondary. The user-friendliness, convenience and price-worthiness of new technologies are naturally harnessed for the benefit of each individual, but this just does not capture the essence: the basic need for emotions.

That is precisely why visitors at the HIGH END also experience all technologies in peaceful coexistence “alongside one another”, so that they can decide, based on individual preferences, which solution excites them the most.

Tubes or transistors, analog or digital, loudspeakers or headphones, streaming solutions with downloads or vinyl and CDs. Everything can be experienced first-hand at the HIGH END.

Despite significant growth in numbers, the HIGH END remains an exhibition where music reproduction is at the forefront. The exhibition’s objective throughout its 36-year history has remained as consistent as the intentions of the exhibitors. The success of the exhibition rests on the fact that the HIGH END has never changed its focus, which is based on high-quality sound reproduction. Independent of the technology used to produce, and ultimately to reproduce, that sound.

A visit to the HIGH END is always worthwhile, enriching the senses of one and all.


HIGH END® 2017

MOC Munich – Lilienthalallee 40
80939 Munich-Freimann

19th May – 21th May, 2017
Trade visitors day:
Thursday, 18th May 2017 (with prior registration only)

Opening times:
18.5. – 20.5.2017 from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
21.5.2017 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Trade visitors:
EUR 20.00 with prior registration (valid on all days)
General public:
EUR 12.00 / day ticket from Friday to Sunday
EUR 20.00 / 2-day ticket (locally) from Friday to Sunday

Event organiser:
Vorm Eichholz 2g
42119 Wuppertal-Germany
Tel. +49 (0)202 – 70 20 22
Fax: +49 (0)202 – 70 37 00

Contact: Renate Paxa
Public Relations & Press Affairs for HIGH END SOCIETY

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