30th Anniversary Kalista set

Metronome Technologie, mother company of Kalista, was established in 1987. In order to celebrate this anniversary, Kalista manufactures a special edition of its famous DreamPlay CD and Kalista DAC..This 30th Anniversary Kalista set comes in Diamond finish and its feet are Smoke-Chrome plated, giving an extraordinary elegance to the devices.



The CD turntable is the DreamPlay CD, the last-in-date model of Kalista range. The famous CD-Pro pick-up was customized by Kalista, and the drive is powered by the Elektra power supply external unit.

The D/A converter is the Kalista DAC, offering 4 sound profiles with its 2 DAC lines and a choice between AOP and tube outputs.

Only 30 sets of this 30th Anniversary models have been produced.



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