Fine Sounds acquisisce Wadia Digital

The acquisition of Wadia Digital, part of Fine Sounds’ strategy of becoming a leading multi brand player in the Two Channel High-End Audio sector,  brings to Fine Sounds one of the most appreciated High-End Audio Digital brands while offering product extension opportunities in the Digital Lifestyle category.
Wadia Digital will extend its reference position in the high end digital sources and Digital to Analog Conversion segment.  Through the resources provided by Fine Sounds, Wadia Digital will develop and expand the Series 1 “premium lifestyle” line with a complete product offering.
John Schaffer will join the Board of Directors of Fine Sounds and will continue managing the Wadia brand with the full support of Fine Sounds’ team.
Fine Sounds and Wadia Digital believe the transaction will deliver important benefits to Wadia’s customers, partners and employees by providing opportunities for building on Fine Sounds Group’s product development capabilities and financial resources.
About Fine Sounds:
Fine Sounds Spa, fully owned by Milan, Italy based private equity fund Quadrivio, is the holding Company controlling Sonus Faber, the Vicenza, Italy based leading manufacturer and marketer of High-End Two-Channel loudspeakers, and Audio Research Corporation, the Minneapolis, MN based leading manufacturer and marketer of High-End Vacuum-Tube and Solid-State electronic audio components.
Annual revenues of the Fine Sounds group proforma for the recent transactions are in excess of US$ 30 million, with 120 employees worldwide.
Fine Sounds is managed by Galeazzo Scarampi, Chairman (25 years of Private Equity experience in Italy, Asia and USA) and Mauro Grange, CEO (CEO of Sonus Faber).
Mauro Grange said: “With the acquisition of Wadia Digital, Fine Sounds acquires the digital know-how needed to take the challenges of the future. I look forward working together with John Schaffer and the rest of the team to build Wadia into an even stronger global brand”
For more information please contact Giovanni Menato at + 39 0444 288788 or at or visit the website at
About Wadia Digital:
Founded in 1988, Wadia Digital is one of the foremost High-End Audio companies dedicated to the development of digital audio products. Wadia Digital innovations have shaped and defined digital audio processing and conversion for the high performance consumer electronics industry. Wadia Digital designs are born of a delicate balance of technology and shaped by a passion for music. This combination of technical skills and understanding of musical enjoyment has allowed Wadia Digital to produce superior digital playback components for over two decades.
John Schaffer, President and CEO of Wadia Digital, said: “Wadia is proud to join with the great brands of Fine Sound’s. It’s their appreciation of legacy and strong leadership that gives us confidence in a bright future.”
For more information please contact John Schaffer at + 1 734 786 9539 or at or visit the website at
About Quadrivio:
Quadrivio SGR is a leading Italian Private Equity firm, currently managing a family of funds with a total of equity under management in excess of US$ 300 million.
For more information please visit the website at

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