Meridian’s recently launched DSP320 in-wall / in-ceiling architectural loudspeaker is revolutionising custom installation with its unique capability to deliver peerless audio performance whilst saving significant time, cost and space for installers working on whole home, superyacht, cinema and single media room projects.

“The DSP320 is the speaker the custom installation market has been crying out for,” says Robert Sullivan, Director of London-based installation firm, Electric String.

Schermata 2015-09-23 alle 11.00.38“As a digital active loudspeaker, it cuts down on the need for rack-based amplifiers, speaker cable and other components without compromising on the premium audio quality performance you’d expect from Meridian, and all from an incredibly compact unit. The DSP320 really is the way forward – no other in-wall or in-ceiling loudspeaker comes close.”

Within its 300mm square and 100mm deep enclosure, the DSP320 contains all the system’s electronics, including digital audio converters and two integral, powerful 80W class amplifiers for wide-range and bass drivers. The result of over 26 years of refinement and proven reliability, Meridian’s DSP approach provides unparalleled performance from a small design, making the DSP320 capable of predictable and repeatable performance and perfect for a wide variety of in-wall and in-ceiling applications. It also eliminates the need for any amplification within the equipment rack, not only saving space but also reducing power and thermal management requirements and improving system reliability.

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